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Toy Care

Learning how to clean and care for your toys is important. Although not a sensual and exciting topic, taking care of them is necessary. Cleaning and care is important, not only for yourself, but also for your partner’s health and safety.


  • What are sex toys made of?
    • Most materials used in sex toys are porous or nonporous materials. The type of material used in your sex toy determines the best method of cleaning. For example, porous materials contain microscopic holes that could harbor bacteria and dirt. It is important to clean these toys often to ensure cleanliness.
  • What happens if I don’t clean my sex toys?
    • Not cleaning sex toys before and after use can cause complications for the user. Due to the nature of the product, not cleaning your toys properly can lead to urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and other infections as well. Regularly cleaning sex toys removes harmful bacteria and dirt, lowers the risk of possible infection and lengthens the overall life of your sex toys.
  • How do I clean my toys?
    • You should clean your sex toys before and after use for both personal use and partnered use. You can clean your toys with water and mild soap or antibacterial toy cleanser. Be sure to dry off your toys completely before storing them away or air dry. Toys should be dried with a clean towel or cloth, and not by any rag used daily.
  • Where should I keep my toys in order to protect them?
    • The best place to keep yours toys is in a dark dry place. Be sure that this location is clean. Consider keeping your toy in a storage case to protect your toy from unwanted bacteria and dirt in between use. This will ensure longevity of your adult toys.