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Sex Toys 101

Not sure where to start? No problem! We understand how intimidating purchasing your first sex toy can be. We are here to help. Take a look below at some of the most common sex toys.

Anal Toys:

Looking for tips and tricks? Take a look at our Anal Play Tips

Anal Beads

Anal beads are a series of beads on a string or shaft designed for gradual insertion into the anus.

Anal beads can provide pleasurable sensations and enhance orgasms during anal play. The gradual insertion and removal can contribute to a build-up of excitement, making them suitable for users at various experience levels. If this is your first time using anal beads, start with a set of small flexible beads that gradually get larger.

Take a look at our line of anal beads here: Anal Beads

Anal Plugs

Anal or butt plugs offer a sense of fullness and can be worn during other sexual activities. They can enhance pleasure during solo or partnered play and may be used for anal training or preparation.

For men, anal plugs put pressure on the prostate, a gland located within a man that is extremely sensitive and feels good when stroked. Using anal plugs can increase orgasm intensity and can make oral and penetrative sex more enjoyable.

For women, using anal plugs has multiple positive effects. To begin, using an anal plugs can stimulate the nerve endings around the anus and cause orgasms to feel more intense. Some women also use anal plugs to reduce the amount of space in the pelvis. This makes the vagina feel tighter and therefore creates an added sensation for her partner.

Find everything you want here -> Anal Plugs

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators come in both anal bead and anal plug styles. Prostate massagers also fall under the anal vibrator category. Similarly to anal plugs and anal beads, anal vibrators are used to stimulate nerve endings around your anus. As always, start small and work your way towards something larger.


Take a look at this beginner anal vibrator -> Ribbed Vibrating Butt Plug


One of the most well-known and earliest type of sex toy, dildos come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, materials and can be a great tool when it comes to reaching your climax. Dildos can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, catering to different preferences. They are versatile and can be used during solo play or with a partner to explore various fantasies and sensations. If you are looking to add temperature play in to your love life, look for a dildo made with glass. If you want something a little more life-like, realistic dildos are made and designed to look just like the real thing!

Find the perfect starter dildo here: -> 6.5 Inch Dildo with Balls

Looking for something a little bigger? -> Mister Right Dildo

Glass Toys

Glass sex toys are sleek, elegant, and easy to clean. Also, hypoallergenic! The two most common glass toys are glass dildos and glass butt plugs and are compatible with all types of lubes.
Glass toys make temperature play a breeze! Submerge your toy in cold or warm water before use to add more sensations to your personal time.

Check out our list of glass toys: -> Glass Toys

Male Sex toys

Men might be shy when and unsure of using sex toys to improve sexual function, but there are many studies that show great health and sexual benefit when men use sex toys.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is often described as the equivalent of a woman’s G-spot. Prostate massagers can lead to intense orgasms by targeting the prostate, a highly sensitive area. They may also promote prostate health and can be used during solo or partnered activities.
Prostate massages can relax the prostate area and could even reduce the chance of developing prostate cancer.
Using a prostate massager is easy. Simply insert a well lubricated prostate massager in to the rectum and turn on the vibration to a level of your choosing.
Remember, start with something small and use plenty of lubricant!
Check out our prostate massagers: Prostate Massagers
Masturbation Sleeves, Blow Job Simulators, and Male Masturbators
Masturbation is extremely beneficial to a man’s sexual health and has many benefits. Men who masturbate are considered less likely to develop prostate cancer, less stressed, and can improve sexual relations!
Male Masturbators come in many different types. Three of the most popular are blow job stimulators, masturbation sleeves, and fleshlights.
  • Blow Job Simulators - made with the purpose of simulating oral sex. These masturbators have patterns that mimic the sensation felt when receiving oral sex. Some are even molded after some the most famous adult film actresses in the world!

Get yours today: Super Head Honcho Masturbator

  • Masturbation Sleeves – a simple yet effective design, masturbation sleeves are made with smalls knobs or ridges on the inside to stimulate the sensations felt during masturbation!

Check out our high end masturbation sleeves here: Masturbation Sleeves

  • Male Masturbators – Also known as Fleshlights, are one of the most well-known male sex toys. The simple design mimics the feeling of being intimate with a woman. Use lots of lube for that extra slippery feeling. Find one molded after a famous adult film actress!

See our full list of fleshlights here: Luxury Fleshlights

Penis Sleeves and Extensions

    Penis sleeves and extensions are a type of sex toy that are placed over the penis and can help with both length and girth. They are also a great tool for people who experience erectile dysfunction! By using a penis sleeve during sex, a person with erectile dysfunction is able to participate in intercourse.
      People who have trouble lasting during intercourse also use penis sleeves. Penis sleeves can reduce the sensations felt during sex and allow you or your partner to last longer before climaxing!
      Take a look at our full list of sleeves and extensions here: Penis Sleeves & Extensions

      Penis Rings

      Simple but wildly effective. Penis rings restrict blood flow in the shaft of the penis to keep it erect for longer periods of time. Penis rings are great for any man looking for a longer lasting erection. There are many different types of penis rings. Some vibrate, some are solid, and some a made stretchy allowing for that perfect fit.

      Looking for something simple? Try this! -> King's Diamond Crown Cock Ring

      Wanting something with a bit more buzz? -> Premium Silicone Stretchy Vibrating Cock Ring

      Please note that cock rings are beneficial, but should not be used by those with existing conditions such as blood clotting disorders, heart disease, any disease that effects blood cells or flow, nor should they be used by anyone taking blood thinners. If the ring feels too tight, remove it immediately.
      Suction Cup Toys
      Whether you are looking for a toy for yourself or for your partner, suction cup toys allow you to use them hands free! Suction cup technologies allow the toys to stick to almost any flat surface!

      These toys come in many different shapes and sizes making sure you find that perfect fit. Buy a vibrating suction cup toy for that extra fun! As always be sure to use plenty of lube with these toys.

      Check out this beginner toy: Squeezable Slender Dildo

      Strap On Sets

      Many suction cup toys are compatible with strap on harnesses. Strap on toys are an excellent addition to any couple who wants to switch up and experiment with the sexual dynamic.

      Strap-ons are meant for every type of couple. No matter what your sexual preferences are, strap-on toys can be enjoyed by all!

        Check out our options here: Strap Ons & Accessories 


        This adult toy is considered the most popular and common type of adult toy throughout the world. Vibrators come in countless shapes and sizes for all types of sexual stimulation.

        Want something to mimic oral sex? Clitoral Vibrators are for you! These vibrators are designed to mimic the sucking sensation felt during oral sex. Add a little buzz with these options below!

        Rabbit vibrators combine the best of both worlds! With dual vibrators, one for clitoral stimulation and the other for g-spot stimulation, there is truly a rabbit vibrator for everyone!

        Check out our list of luxury rabbit vibrators: Rabbit Vibrators 

        If you are looking for something discreet and portable, try one of our luxury Bullet Vibrators! Made to be compact and powerful, bullet vibrators are one of the best options for beginners.

        Wand Vibrators are considered to be the classic when it comes to vibrators. Not only are these personal toys great for sexual stimulation, but they are also a great tool for reducing muscle tension!

        Find your perfect wand vibrator today: Luxury Wand Vibrators 

        Many people love dildos but also want something with a little buzz. Realistic Vibrators combine the two in to one! Realistic dildos come in many different shapes and sizes so you can find that perfect fit.

          Not sure where to start? No problem! Check out our full line of vibrators below!

          Full Line of Vibrators